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What is Civil and Commercial Litigation?

Litigation, in general, can be described as a process of resolving legal disputes between two or more parties. These disputes include a solicitor from each party that represents the case at hand, just as normal. They are usually able to represent in litigation for both civil and commercial rights. This involves both commencements that are made against the opposing party, as well as defending proceedings that have been brought against your party. These types of cases are likely to go to court before it can be resolved but that all depends on the severity of the case. Some disputes can be resolved simply through negotiation and be settled in no time.

What Solicitors can do for You

The first thing solicitors do once they receive either a civil or commercial litigation case, is to check the claim and ensure it is valid before concluding a plan to win the case. They will then discuss strategies best suited to help the case and proceed with a strategy to defend you.

Solicitors will go as far as presenting you if the case cannot be resolved and it escalates to legal proceedings. Prior to the litigation case reaching such a point, they will be able to act for you in many matters and instances.

These include misleading and deceptive conduct, restraint of trade term disputes, debt recovery, disputes regarding your estate, insolvency claims, employment disputes, unconscionable conduct, commercial disputes, as well as contractual, consumer disputes, intellectual property disputes, partnership and company share dispute, as well as anything related to these matters.

What Happens When Litigation goes to Court?

While litigation that ends up going to court are quite common, most people don’t want to go that far when it comes to their case or solving the issue at hand. Trying to prove your point, resolving the matter between you and another party and even winning the case could turn into quite a process and one that is not taken lightly. If the litigation does go to court, you can expect it to be extremely time-consuming, drawn out and expensive.

However, whichever party loses, are expected to pay all of the costs involved for the opposing party.

The Cost of a Litigation Case: Making it to Court

The cost that is ordered by the relevant court is usually less than the amount spent by a winning party. This is referred to as “ordinary” costs which depend on various factors, all of which includes whether or not the order is sought, the complexity of the matter, the total amount of cost incurred and the discretion and ruling of the judge.

There might also be costs awarded that covers the entire amount spent by the winning party, referred to as ‘’indemnity’’ costs. This is only awarded in cases where there is incorrect conduct by the losing party.

Top Bizarre Australian Law

If you are planning to go to Australia for a vacation, you might want to read some of the rules you have to follow before you place your foot on the country. Australia has some of the strangest laws, and you need to be aware of those laws before you go to the country. The following are some of the most bizarre laws in Australia:

Wanting to purchase more than 50kgs of potato in West Australia? Think again:

The Potato Marketing Corporation has the power to stop any vehicle and check if the person is carrying more than 50kgs of potato with them. The law is enriched from the year 1946.

Cover yourself from neck to knee when you visit the Brighton Beach:

If you are planning to go to the Brighton Beach, you don’t have to be worried about getting sunburnt. There are strict rules that you need to cover up from neck to knee when you are at the beach. Make sure even to cover up your arms as you will be made to pay a fine as you cannot expose your body to the beach.

Want to change the light bulb in Victoria? Think again:

We all have faulty electric light bulbs at our homes, workspace etc. If you happen to stay in Victoria, Australia you are not allowed to change a light bulb if you are not a qualified electrician. You will have to pay a fine of $10 if you are caught changing the light bulbs by yourself.

You are not allowed to dress up as Batman and Robin:

If you happen to love Batman and Robin so much, you might want to think again if want to dress up like either one of them when you are in Australia.

Palm reading is against the law:

Any form of crafty science is prohibited in Australia. There is an act of Vagrancy where if anyone uses palmistry or witchcraft to predict something they will be found guilty of the offence. Thus if you want to get your palms read in the country, you might want to consider again.

It is not against the law to smoke, drink alcohol or use condoms by children:

The country does not have any laws against children using cigarettes, alcohol or condoms however they are not allowed to buy them in the shops but if you happen to have them at home and if your child uses them, it is not considered as an illegal act.

Love wearing hot pink pants? Don’t go to Australia:

It is against the law to wear hot pink pants in Australia on Sundays. You can wear them on the other days, but as per the Victorian law, you are not allowed to wear them on Sundays.

Things You would not Believe are Legal around the World

Like the title suggests, you’d be surprised to know how many things that you feel are a strict violation of the law, are actually pretty much legal. While things as simple as a Kinder Surprise chocolate are banned in places because of the hard non-edible toy inside it, it so happens that a lot of others that may even pose a bigger danger, are in fact freely available to all. In this article, we list some of the things that you wouldn’t believe are legal.

There are currently no proper laws that prohibit the owning and use of flame throwers. While some countries do in fact have a law against processing such devices, many others do not, thus making it possible for you to freely use a device that can spit fire at others. 

It is a well-known fact that a lot of over the counter cough syrups can get the users high, especially children. This is because they usually contain either codeine or dextromethorphan. Many kids overdose on such medicine and as a result, many of them have been banned around the world. Codeine is now a strictly controlled substance, but Dextromethorphan is still surprisingly freely available in many states. It is also available to buy off the internet.

A Katana is a Japanese style long sword that costs about 500 dollars and is around 2feet in length. This lethal weapon is to this day legal in many regions and is accessible to all.

Surprising as it sounds, radioactive uranium is, in fact, legal to sell. You do not require a license for the same and are free to conduct any nuclear experiments with it. They often cost as less as 40 dollars and can be bought off many sites online. The description lists that it is only fit for experimental or educational use.

It is shocking to note that you can, in fact, buy dangerous Piranhas online for around 50 dollars in over 40 states in the US. And if this sharp-toothed fish and lethal fish don’t catch your fancy, you can, in fact, go for a tiger or other big cats that are legal to own in 7 states. Snakes and bears are other dangerous animals that you can own in some states as well.


Salvia Divinorum is a plant that once smoked can give the user an intense high of the likes of DMT, LSD etc. that are substances banned in most states today. It is surprising to note that Salvia Divinorum, on the other hand, is still legal in many places perhaps because salvia trips are very short and most side effects are gone within an hour of smoking it. However, because smoking this plant causes users to either lose consciousness or drift into an entirely different world made of fractal shapes, it has not yet been considered a ‘party drug’.

What to do after a Truck Accident Case

The roads are quite an unsafe place, with accidents and fatalities very normal. Unfortunately for truck drivers, truck driving is one of Australia’s minimum safe callings, with a normal rate of 20 deaths for each 100,000 specialists. Given the size and weight of semi-trailer trucks and street trains, truck crashes are risky for anybody included.

All street clients have an obligation of care to carry on sensibly while utilizing the street – tragically, not every person does, and accidents can happen. On the off chance that you’ve been harmed in a trucking mishap, there are Lawyers and legal counselors who can enable you to begin the way toward asserting for remuneration amid this troublesome time. There are however certain things you must know in case you have been in a truck accident or drive trucks often.

When you file a compensation for claim following a truck injury or truck crash, you can by and large claim for things like:

medical and clinic expenses, loss of earnings, pain and enduring and for help you may require at home. A truck injury legal advisory can reveal to you what you may have the capacity to claim once they discover more about your circumstances after the accident.

By and large a fiscal esteem is set on the difference or gap between your life before the truck injury and your life since the injury. With regards to who pays compensation following an effective truck injury compensation claim, most of the time it’s the insurance agency of those to blame that will pay the compensation.

The insurance agency manages everything, so the driver or gathering at fault won’t need to pay out of their own pocket either. Each truck mishap claim is unique. In many occurrences, the way truck accident compensation in Queensland, Australia or WA gets ascertained is by setting a financial incentive on the difference or gap between your anticipated life way before the truck injury, and your life since the truck injury, in terms of economic or health parameters.

It is conceivable to legally speak for yourself when making a compensation to guarantee claim. Doing so effectively will probably require a careful comprehension of the law, your lawful rights and qualifications, and a determined effort to effectively pursue the case to advance it.

The vast majority making truck damage compensation and legal claims pick not to represent themselves and rather contact a legal specialist or compensation lawyer. The best compensation lawyers can give the information and experience required to help control a case in the best way possible to bring about an effective result. There will almost always be a truck injury or accident law expert in most areas of Australia, so contact them if you are a truck driver instead of searching for one after you get into an accident.

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